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A new era of PC cases

About Us

A new era of PC cases

Our Story

At exactly the same season, four years ago, as a young high school student, I had the idea to create from scratch a beautiful computer case as a support unit for a large robotic project for the needs of presentations in various exhibitions of Technological Applications.
Today, as a future Electrical Engineer, in the last year of study at the Technical University of Berlin, I am pleased to implement and at the same time present my creation to you, as the key product of my company, believing that you will love it and admire it as much as I do, while creating a sustainable and visionary path for future computers.
A new era of PC cases

About us

Based in Kavala, Greece, Ascos Design is made by a group of innovative people. We are a rather new and promising start-up company. We made our first steps as a garage-startup with a completely handmade production line and with hard work and dedication, we are becoming better day by day! We merge aesthetics and functionality to innovative products. Through the definition of aesthetic, we are interested not only in what a product looks like but also what feelings it evokes.

CEO & Founder

My name is Dimitrios Chatzis and I am 21 years old. I am student at the Technical University of Berlin in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Along with my studies and with unabated interest I founded Ascos Design, a company that merges technology with elegance to innovative products with an eco-friendly perspective. I believe that in order to get evolved you need always to design a life that you are inspired to live.

Thank you for your support.
A new era of PC cases

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